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6/8-Week Beginner Learn to Twirl Baton 
Students learn basic baton skills and are introduced to basic dance techniques. The classes will run for 45 minutes once per week. This is a great way to get introduced to the sport of baton!  

Full Year Recreational Baton
Students will build upon basic baton skills and will learn a group routine that will be performed at the year-end recital. The class includes both baton and dance and will run for 1.5 hours.

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Pre Competitive and
Competitive Programs

Must have previous baton experience and/or coach assessment.

PreCompetitive. Athletes will learn the individual and group pre-events as well as build upon baton skills and techniques. 

Level C
Athletes will build upon baton skills and techniques. They will focus on building a solo and medley routine and will participate in a group routine. 

 Level BN, BI, and BA
 All competitive individual events will be taught with emphasis on technique and advanced skills. Level B athletes will compete in the group event, as well as be introduced to the freestyle event. Athletes will perform in a number of regional, provincial and national competitions.

 Level A - Elite
This is the highest level for baton. All competitive individual events will be taught with more time focused on advanced skills. More time will be devoted to mastering high-level skills and routines.